Product features

A fast, flexible, low cost solution compared to traditional mental health assessments.

Measure the mental health of your school in less than 10 minutes

Artemis-A identifies mental health difficulties quickly and accurately in secondary school aged pupils.

It requires minimal staff input and no additional training. The app is flexible and contains many customisable features. Pupils can complete the assessment on any device, at any time, with results and feedback instantly available in confidence to designated school staff.

Understand your pupils’ situation by taking a quick, valid and reliable assessment

Artemis-A includes questions from reliable mental health questionnaires. Pupils answer approximately only 5-7 questions, which take around 5 minutes to complete, then scores and feedback reports are generated automatically.

Generate accurate individual and group reports

Artemis-A is a fast and practical method for identifying young people who need mental health support. Users’ responses are automatically compared to answers from other young people to see how severe their mental health difficulties are. Feedback reports are generated based on these scores.

Quick and easy access to mental health resources

The Artemis-A app includes links to relevant organisations so that young people, school staff, health professionals and parents can access tailored support and advice about young people’s mental health.