An easy way to check the mental health of your school

Artemis-A is a mental health check for young people that’s free for eligible schools to use.

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How Artemis-A works

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Measure the mental health of your school in less than 10 minutes
Pupils can use Artemis-A on a mobile or computer. Results and feedback are instantly available.
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Understand your situation by taking a quick and reliable assessment
Pupils are asked about 5-7 questions from reliable mental health assessments which only take 5 minutes to complete.
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Generate accurate individual and group feedback reports
Artemis-A automatically scores pupils' responses and prepares tailored reports which are confidentially shared with designated school staff.

What do users say

“It’s really good because it’s quick and easy to use, like it doesn’t take long and you get the feedback straightaway”

pupil 15 years

“I think it would flag some people that maybe you wouldn’t find things out until it was really quite serious.”

Deputy Head and Senior Safeguarding Lead

“I think it’s great that we can use smart technology to report and make it more fun, more approachable.”

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The Science

The science behind Artemis

Studies have shown that mental health difficulties among young people are increasing. 1 in 7 secondary school pupils suffer from a mental health disorder but most of these young people are not identified. Schools are a good place to spot young people who are struggling and making sure they get the help they need.

In this section, discover how Artemis-A has been developed by experts in mental health and co-produced with end user, what does the app do and how it works.

Read about the Science
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Quick and easy access to mental health resources

Mental health difficulties such anxiety and depression affect 1 in 7 secondary school pupils. Teenagers with poor mental health are more likely to struggle at school and engage in risky behaviours such as self-harm. If mental health difficulties carry on into adulthood, they can have negative impacts on social life, health and work. However, if these difficulties are identified and treated early on, they often improve.

Schools are an ideal place to identify young people who need mental health support. Many mental health difficulties start during school-age and staff usually know students and their families well. Young people identified by schools are more likely to receive support and have better outcomes than young people whose difficulties are identified outside of schools. Assessing all young people in schools for mental health problems will make it less likely that some people with problems will be missed.

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Artemis-A was created by a team of experts in mental health at the University of Cambridge, in collaboration with the Wellcome trust, NIHR, and MRC.

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Want to try Artemis-A for your school?

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